The project RedJessy was born 20 years ago based on experience which I gained building a ferrocement 50’ sailboat, in the North of Sweden.

I would like to have your attention to the trip which I intend to take after many years of hard work and dedicated preparation. I am about to finish a sailboat, 12 m long and 3,50 m wide, of ferrocement hull.

The boat is not the aim, but a mean to achieve a goal – to set on a single-handed, a non-stop trip around the world.
As far as I know, no Italian or any other man who built a boat by himself, has ever done it.

Presently I need financial help for the navigation and electronic devices which are quite expensive. In return I can offer advertisement opportunities since the adventure will be followed by radio, to which I will send live.
I will leave in the beginning of September and I will be back in April.

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